Online Marketing


See your websites soar high on the search engines with latest and proven internet marketing services

Internet marketing is the magic tool in the hands of online marketers to give momentum to their business on an advertising and marketing medium that is easily accessible and available to millions at a reasonable prime anytime and from anywhere. To harness the potential of the online medium and to reap benefits, cutting edge internet marketing services are implemented that are hitting the ever-changing digital scene of our times.

  • SEM & PPC


    Search engine marketing (SEM) is the paid form of online marketing and is different from the organic form of digital marketing. For instantaneous results and a short term boom in search engine ranking and placement of a website, SEM has been seen as a savior service. There are various forms of SEM that are used for different target purpose.
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  • SEO Services


    Search engine optimization (SEO) has today become a necessity for any online venture. If you want more eyeballs for your website and get more traffic and thereafter, increase in sales lead, then SEO is not just an option but a need in today’s time.
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  • Social Media Optimization Seattle


    Social media optimization is the process involving creation and maintenance of social media profiles for businesses and organization in order to generate a huge following on the social network and hence, diverting a good chunk of traffic to the business website.
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  • Pay Per Click

    The main search engine marketing service offered by Nirvana US is PPC or Paid Per Click campaign. These are paid marketing campaigns that are run on search engines to get instant results. These campaigns yield short term results and result in diverting quality traffic to client’s website from the search engines. Google Ad Sense, Yahoo! Advertising etc are the many Pay Per Click campaign services offered by us.
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In order to accelerate keyword ranking on top search engines and generate relevant user traffic on your site, we use the latest and the best internet marketing strategies and services. We also work towards a high conversion ratio of the site traffic to the relevant sales lead generation with quality on page optimization.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local & Mobile Search
  • Analytics & Call Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Keyword Research

We are a customer-oriented internet marketing company that focuses on building a strong brand image on the Internet and expanding your business through enviable means of marketing. We guarantee profits and nothing but profits through our innovative team of internet marketing analysts and paid advertising experts who have a collective experience of nearly 100 years in the online medium.

We keep a keen eye on the market and track immediate competitor activities along with offering you the latest in internet marketing technology. Our analytical approach towards improvement in keyword ranking and continuous upgrade of internet marketing strategies help us stay ahead of the competition and earn the best search engine ranking and positions every single time.

For more information about our internet marketing services or for an expert consultation for the promotion and marketing of your website and online business, feel free to call us today or just drop us an e-mail.